DIY Easter Nests

It’s official Spring! Here in the studio, we’re dreaming of warmer weather and displaying our brightest colored ribbon.

Signs of Spring means Easter is right around the corner. We’ve teamed up with Silke Stoddard and Laura Shelby Murphy to create beautiful DIY Easter nests using Studio Carta cotton ribbon, chip wood berry baskets and a few simple supplies. 

You’ll Need 

Tight weave cotton ribbon

Drittofilo ribbon

Chipwood berry baskets


Straight pins


Sewing thread

Sewing needle

Craft glue

More complex Nest How-To:

Step 1: 

Measure the length of the top rim of the basket. Cut a length of your 5/8” ribbon, adding 1 inch to your measurement (our baskets  are 15 1/2” in circumference, so we cut 16 1/2”).  

Lay the ribbon around the rim of the basket, marking where the ribbon meets each corner with a straight pin. 

Cut a total of twelve 8” lengths of 5/8” ribbon. We used two different colors, so you’ll need six pieces of ribbon in each color. 

Take one piece of ribbon and fold it in half, allowing for a triangle to form at the center, or top of the folded ribbon (as pictured). 

Pin the folded ribbon onto the longer ribbon, matching the bottom line of the triangle with the  top edge of the ribbon, so that the left side of bottom of the triangle meets at a ‘corner pin’. Ensure the inside edges of the piece stay together. 

Repeat with all remaining pieces. 

Hand-stitch all pieces in place at sides and centers. Trim the ends of each ribbon piece at an angle to refrain from fraying.

Paint the top edge of the basket with glue. Match your corner pins with the corners of the basket and glue them in place, making sure all corners meet.  

Once you’ve wrapped the ribbon all the way around the rim, tuck any excess ribbon underneath with a dot of glue. 

Simpler Nest How-To:

Step 1: 

Choose your ribbon colors: one ⅝ ribbon and one drittofilo ribbon. Measure around the top rim of the basket, and trim two pieces of ribbon that are just 1 inch longer than what you measured. 

Step 2:

Paint the top edge of the basket with glue, and gently adhere 5/8 ribbon. Tuck excess ribbon underneath with a dot of glue. Lightly paint that ribbon layer with glue, and adhere the drittofilo ribbon on top. Tuck excess ribbon underneath with a dot of glue.


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