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We teamed up with Silke Stoddard and Laura Shelby Murphy for this lovely Valentine's day DIY using our Studio Carta ribbon. These sweet woven hearts use our  Drittofilo ribbon and double as ornaments, gift toppers, or can be slipped into an envelope and mailed to loved ones near and far. Make your own by following our step-by-step instructions below. 

Buon San Valentino! 

RIBBON HEART You’ll need:

Drittofilo ribbon
Gold metallic thread
Tacky glue
Black Silhouette Scissors
Sewing Needle

Step 1: Cut four pieces of ribbon: two measuring 4 inches and two measuring 4.5 inches. 

Step 2: Layer the shorter piece of ribbon on top of the longer piece of ribbon by aligning the bottom edges. Secure with a dot of glue.                                            

Step 3: Create a “V” by stacking one of the layered ribbon pieces on top of the other, ensuring the bottom glued edges are aligned to form a 90 degree angle. Secure with a dot of glue. 

Step 4: Fold the shorter front ribbon on the left side down to create a space to tuck in the shorter piece from the right side. Secure with a dot of glue, then fold the left side back upward.


Step 5: Take the shorter piece from the left side and feed it through the loop on the right side (to create a pretzel shape). Secure with a dot of glue (ensuring edges are aligned). 

Step 6: Take the longer piece from the right side and feed it through the loop on the left side. Secure with a dot of glue (ensuring edges are aligned). You will also want to add a dot of glue between the bottom two layers. 

Step 7: To complete the heart, repeat Step 6, this time left to right, making sure you weave the ribbon over and under so your last piece of ribbon rests between the two layers of ribbon on the right. Secure with a dot of glue. 

Step 8: Adding thread for hanging. Thread a sharp needle with 12” of metallic thread. Push the needle through the two layers at the center of the ribbon heart, making sure all pieces align before pulling your thread through. Remove the needle and knot the thread to secure the two ribbon layers together. Knot ends to form a loop for hanging.


Project made by Silke Stoddard
Photography and styling by
Laura Shelby Murphy and Angela Liguori

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