Our Story

Celebrating the artistry of objects since 2004

Born in Rome, proprietor and founder Angela Liguori works directly with manufacturers in Italy to develop Studio Carta’s exclusive collections. Through a vibrant wholesale and retail business, artisanal workshops and events, and in-house collaborations with fellow designers, makers, and entrepreneurs, our team of artisans and production experts have transformed Studio Carta into a global collaborative space.

Premium ribbon quality

Designed by Angela and made exclusively for Studio Carta in Italy, our luxe ribbons are made from 100% Italian cotton. Scissors and desk accessories sourced from Italian artisans complete our hand-curated collection.

Italian-sourced and inspired

Modern elegance is brought to life using materials and practices that date back to the 19th century

Designed by Angela Liguori

Rooted in her Roman heritage, Angela blends the clean, minimal and modern with luxe craftsmanship and artistry

Our Approach

Angela Liguori’s earliest memories are of the busy hands of her dressmaker mother, the rhythmic hum of her sewing machine, and the luminous dome of Saint Peter’s Basilica, so big it seemed to fill the windows of her family’s apartment in Rome.

Today, we continue to bring this same combination of wonder and craftsmanship to even the smallest details. The texture of a ribbon, the crisp sound of a quality pair of scissors, a minimally-designed workspace that inspires endless possibilities. From our light-filled studio in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, Studio Carta makes objects that delight.

Meet the Team

Every Studio Carta product is designed, packaged, processed and distributed by our close-knit team.