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Ornaments KIT - Nordic stars


Ornaments KIT - Nordic stars 

The folded Nordic stars have their roots in Germany, Denmark, and Sweden. Traditionally made with 4 strips of paper, Lily Reid of Apprentice Studio, a Knitwear design & boutique in Penngrove, California, started making them with our line of cotton ribbon to use as ornaments, gift toppers, or to combine on a festive garland. Studio Carta cotton ribbon included in the kits is lightly starched making it easy to work with for this type of folding. Once you get the rhythm of making the ornaments its hard to stop and they look so beautiful on a tree, in a garland, or on top of a gift!

Each kit includes:

  • Enough pre-cut cotton ribbon to make 8 stars (4 precut ribbon x 17" long per each star).
  • 2 yards each of Silver and Gold braided metallic ribbon to use as hanging loops or a garland base.
  • A large metal darning needle.
  • A link to a video tutorial made by Lily Reid.

The Kits are available in 4 color choices: 

All Natural  8 Natural ribbon stars.

Greens - 2 of each Natural, Chartreuse, Sage, and Cypress.

Natural & Red - 4 each Natural and Red.

Multi - 2 each of Natural, Chartreuse, Blush, and Sage.

Each star is approximately 2.5” - 3” across.

Please note - The kit does not include printed instructions, but a link to a YouTube video tutorial. 

Designed and made in USA. 

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