studio carta

Small ribbon samples


Not sure which ribbon is right for your project? Studio Carta is happy to provide 3-inch samples of our exclusive lines.

Please let us know which colors and style of ribbon you would like to see, and we’ll package and send them to you. UPS ground shipping is included in the price for US orders and first class mail for international. Please note that not more than 5 or 6 colors are allow for the small samples order. We offer a complete swatch book for the Loose weave, Tight weave cotton ribbon and Matallic line in all the colors available. Thank you. 

Contact us directly to specify the samples you need, for any questions or for wholesale inquiry. If you would like longer samples or a wide variety of colors, you might be interested in purchasing the Sampler package: 20 yards of ribbons in 20 different colors are available in tight and loose weave.


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