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A beautiful stationery and gift shop Paper Grace in Bozeman, Montana asked me a few questions about our business Studio Carta is the interview, if you like to read. Thank you so much for the feature Paper Grace, it is a pleasure working with you!

It's easy to adore Studio Carta. The company's dedication to high-quality and vibrantly designed ribbons could make any stationery aficionado smile. Studio Carta specializes in 100% cotton custom ribbons handcrafted in Italy, though their attention to detail blends effortlessly into any desk accessory they create. Yet, to us - it's the story behind the notorious brand that is truly notable.

Angela Liguori's eye for design came naturally.  At an early age, she became enamored with stationery, and a resolute commitment in her bookbinding studies in Bologna lead her to take a leap of faith and move to the United States. From there she worked at a letterpress design studio and a paper mill, all while crafting her unique style.  In 2004 she took another leap of faith and started Studio Carta.

Today, with her husband and her league of standout assistants, Angela created a showroom for Studio Carta in a light-filled home outside of Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. We are so honored to know Angela and her team and are eager to share the story behind the company.

Read our interview with Angela below and see how much thought she puts into everything she creates.

You are known for your ribbon, but we also carry a large selection of your beautiful scissors. How did you branch out into carrying other exquisitely designed stationery goods?

The scissors and accessories collection in our shop was inspired by my trips to Rome, visiting all of the notion shops, some of them brimming to the ceiling with unique as well as traditional items. At the same time, I realized that I wanted to offer a good tool for cutting our ribbon, so I set out to find the perfect scissor for that- and it grew from there! Scissors also hold a special memory, as my mother was a Tailor in Italy. I’ve always used them as a symbol for Studio Carta, as they represent an important connection for me.

What is a notable collaboration you have done with Studio Carta?

One of the most exciting ventures for me was to be featured in the Liberty London shop, with our products in both the Haberdashery and the Stationery departments. Liberty London is a very special place. I was able to actually visit London in early 2020, and it was so nice to see our ribbon and scissors amongst the reams of fabric, in such a historical and magnificent setting!

If you were a stationery item, what would you be?

A postage stamp! We love vintage postage stamps here at Studio Carta, but I also love that the US postal service makes a new “love” designs every year.

Who was the last person you wrote a handwritten letter to?

The last handwritten letter was to a client, just a few days ago. We often include notes to special customers to thank them. I love stationery, and we have special personalized cards here in the studio just for these moments.

If you could choose the Pantone color of the year what would it be?

My Pantone color choice would be 108 U, because it feels like a sunny day!


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