Knotty or Nice Basket by Kelly Harris Smith

Wondering how to use our cotton ribbon? I was amazed when I saw the result of this art project by Kelly Harris Smith. Read about the process below with Kelly’s own words. Enjoy!

Happy new year! After a hectic December, I took a staycation with my family for 2+ weeks, while our kids were on school break. Inspired by Basket Club’s December brief 🎁 and a fan I found in a trash heap on the sidewalk, I embarked on a fun project. I’m calling it Knotty or Nice since it’s made from over a thousand knots of cotton ribbon. The result is a two-sided basket or wall art piece.

Basket Club is an Instagram-based initiative that started early-pandemic in 2020. Designers and craftspeople from around the world post their baskets around monthly themes (in the form of a simple emoji), which are always incredibly inventive and inspiring.

Cotton ribbon from Studio Carta.

Photos: Somerby Jones

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