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Wrapping paper by Bespoke Letterpress


Wrapping paper by Bespoke Letterpress 

We have partnered with Bespoke Letterpress, Bowral, Australia since 2015 and admire how our Studio Carta ribbon perfectly pairs with their vibrant wrapping paper, featuring Australian native flora and fauna. We are excited to now bring these paper sheets to you for your special gift wrapping!

Available in 4 double sided paper options:

Kaledidoflora/Banksia - Illustrated by House of Heras

Bush Teal / Grevillea - Illustrated by House of Heras

Native / Willy Wag Tail - Illustrated by Edith Rewa

Native / Cockatoo - Illustrated by Edith Rewa


Roll of 3 sheets

Double sided paper

Size: 19 x 28" = 70 x 49 cm

Material: Offset printed on heavyweight, environmentally responsible, 100% recycled paper.

The cotton ribbon is not included with the wrapping paper, find your own a selection of Studio Carta ribbon available from a wide variety of styles and colors to complement your gift wrapping.

Drittoflio ribbon, spool of 20 yards

Tight weave Cotton ribbon, paddle of 10 yards

Metallic line cotton ribbon, paddle of 10 yards

The wrapping paper is designed and made in Bowral, Australia. 

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