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Holiday Ribbon Ornament Kit for Maria Picci's class


Holiday Ribbon Ornament Kit for Maria Picci's class

While attending the Holiday ornaments class with Maria Picci on November 20th, you might like to use the exact same Drittofilo ribbon and materials she uses during the demonstration and instructions. We have curated this collection with Maria Picci, as they highlight these pieces especially well!

The kit includes:

10 yards of Drittofilo ribbon in 5 different colors, respectively: 

2 yards Sage/gold ribbon

2 yards Blush/gold ribbon

2 yards Red/berry ribbon

2 yards Marigold/gold ribbon

2 yards Cypress/rose gold ribbon

1 yard Metallic Elastic cord in Gold

1 yard Metallic Elastic cord in Rose gold

1 spool of 109 yards of Metallic thread in Champagne

Order by November 15th to receive the KIT in time for Maria Picci's workshop. 

If you are interested in our full line of Drittofilo ribbon, spool of 20 yards for the Holiday ornaments or any other DIY holiday decor projects, please find them at this link. The Metallic elastic round cord is also available in wood paddles of 10 yards. For fine and detailed cuttings, we may suggest any size and finish of the Ribbon Scissors.

We hope you will enjoy the class! 

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