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Gift boxes - Limited edition 2022



We created a limited edition gift boxes for holiday 2022. We selected our favorite Studio Carta products to curate a unique selection for your gifts. Stored in a black cardboard box, wrapped in metallic tissue paper, tied with our Give Joy cotton ribbon, to deliver something unique to someone special on your list! 

Available in three options:

Sewing gift boxes

Desk accessories gift boxes

Ribbon gift boxes

SPECIFICATIONS What is it inside each gift box? 

Sewing gift box:

1 pair Scarlet Red Scissors - Medium

Wood spool 5 yards cotton ribbon - Natural

1 Braided thread

1 Metallic thread - Gold

1 Sewing pins set - Gold

Tailor's Measuring Tape

1 Thimble - Silver

Black Box size: 

10 x 10 x 3".

Ribbon gift box:

1 pair Deco scissors

1 spool ribbon of 21 yards Drittofilo Red/white 

spool ribbon of 21 yards Drittofilo Red/berry

spool ribbon of 21 yards Drittofilo Sage/gold

spool ribbon of 21 yards Drittofilo Peach/gold

spool ribbon of 21 yards Drittofilo Gravel/gold

spool ribbon of 21 yards Metallic woven Natural/gold

Black Box size: 9.5 x 8 x 5".

Desk accessories gift box:

1 Letter Opener - Imperial

1 Metal Ruler- Gold

1 Italian Desk Calendar - medio

1 Calligraphy ribbon spool

1 Gold Paper clips - triangle

1 Black Silhoutte scissors - large

Black Box size: 10 x 10 x 3".

All products are made in Italy, designed, packaged and distributed by Studio Carta. 

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