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SALE - Embroidered Linen Pin Cushion

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SALE - Embroidered Linen Pin Cushion 

50% OFF - Discontinued item

Measuring 3 by 3", this limited edition pin cushion is an exclusive collaboration with a dear friend of Studio Carta, Cecilia Riccelli. Embroidered using thread that once belonged to Angela’s mother, Cecilia sourced the linen fabric from Rome, Italy and adorned one corner with a loop of Studio Carta signature ribbon. Angela carefully carried these back from Italy in her suitcase! A timeless heirloom from the Liguori family to yours. 


Cushion size: 3 x 3" = 8 x 8 cm

100 % linen 

Filled with natural cotton 

Blanket stitch embroidered on the edges. 

Available in colors black or red. 

You might like to add the Studio Carta set of sewing pins of your choice.

Designed in USA, hand made in Rome, Italy exclusively for Studio Carta.

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