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Wrapping Paper - Our Heiday design


Wrapping Paper- Our Heiday design, California.

Spring wrapping paper designed by sister duo Our Heiday, from California.  

  • Each sheet measures 19 ½” x 27”
  • Each roll comes with 3 assorted sheets, one sheet per design. 

The cotton ribbon is not included with the wrapping paper, find your own a selection of Studio Carta ribbon available from a wide variety of styles and colors to complement your gift wrapping.

Tight weave cotton ribbon 1 1/2" width, paddle of 10 yards

Drittofilo ribbon spool of 20 yards

Loose weave cotton ribbon in 5/8" width, paddle of 10 yards

Metallic line cotton ribbon paddle of 10 yards

About Our Heiday

Pat Shen launched Our Heiday's first collection in June 2014 after leaving two years of law school behind. With no formal art training and desperation for a creative release, she pursued her love for art organically, picking up a paintbrush for the first time in ten years. As the brand rapidly grew, her sister Dot came on board a year later as Director of Operations and they continue to work together to keep the company thriving. 

Our Heiday (a play on "heyday") is named after Patricia and Dot's mom and their four aunts whose Korean names all begin with "Hei." Together, they've exemplified how love gives, conviction sustains, and creativity is a requisite to living.


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